Ashes for April is:

Lincoln Ashbury (Jim) - acoustic guitar + mandolin + vocals

Chubby Ashton (John) - upright bass + vocals

Rocco C'Ash (Percy) - drums + percussion

Carter Ashmore (Tim) - acoustic guitar + vocals


-Musical Style-



We play hit songs from the 60s to the 90s and arrange them for acoustic instruments. Along the way, we add a whole lot of fun twists.


-Est. 2007-


Ashes for April was formed in 2007 to perform at a corporate event in a wine bar. Since then, we have played hundreds of gigs, logged thousands of miles, and met many wonderful people!

Honorary Members

From time to time, we are fortunate to have these good friends and former Ashes members sit in with us.


Piper Panash (Paul) - accordion + vocals

Victor X. Ashtrey (Laurance) - banjo + acoustic guitar + vocals

Mickey Mash (Steve) - ganjo + acoustic guitar + vocals



We also have special guests join us from the audience to sing, strum, or play cowbell. Could it be you next gig?